introducing afero

who we are

The Afero Platform was designed to speed up and simplify product development, using technology that abstracts security and connectivity from the engineering design process.

Afero allows device makers to focus on the functionality of their smart products and applications without the need to worry about challenges inherent to the IoT industry. We are working with some of the largest OEMs in a range of verticals to bring secure, easy-to-use, connected devices to market.

Our team has spent decades working at some of the world’s most innovative places like Apple, Google, Nest, Amazon (Lab 126), and Netflix, building products and platforms used by hundreds of millions of people. We created Afero because we wanted to design an easy, secure, and reliable framework that could connect today’s products and tomorrow’s best ideas. As a result we’ve built the most comprehensive platform for connected products.

Launched in December 2015, Afero is headquartered in Los Altos, California.

what we do

We have taken a “systems design” approach, touching on all parts of the connected ecosystem (edge device + hub + cloud + developer tools) to simplify the development process and quickly bolt connectivity onto Greenfield (clean-sheet) and Brownfield (legacy) product designs. The features below differentiate our platform from the many IoT platforms in the market:

  • Network Normalization – Our embedded stack is tightly integrated into the edge device to support key features such as OTA and multi-layered security. More importantly, it normalizes for different connectivity protocols (BLE, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.), ensuring that the device connects no matter what network it finds.
  • Hub Technology – Our hub software runs on mobile devices or on dedicated hub hardware. Our technology allows Afero enabled edge devices to roam seamlessly between hubs.
  • Cloud Solution – We implement choreography logic in the cloud, which lays the foundation for IoT automation and provides the end-to-end security and scalability critical to an IoT system.

leadership team

joe britt

Founder & CEO

shin matsumura

Founder & Chief Business Officer

gil gallardo

VP, Corporate Development & General Counsel

steve kroll

Director, Engineering

justin lee

Director, Design

scott bartlett

Director, Hardware

tony myles

Software Development

zz zimmerman

Software Development

Joe’s Silicon Valley career began 25 years ago at Apple, and has included senior engineering roles at 3DO, Catapult Entertainment, and WebTV. Joe was the first WebTV employee, and he built the OS used in every WebTV set top box. After WebTV Joe founded Danger Research in 2000 with co-founders Andy Rubin and Matt Hershenson. At Danger, Joe led the design of the hiptop smartphone (sold in the US as the T-Mobile Sidekick). Danger was purchased by Microsoft in 2008 for $500MM. Prior to founding Afero, Joe spent several years at Google working on Android hardware.

Shin has extensive startup business development experience in both Japan and the US over the last 20 years. Prior to Afero, Shin was part of the founding team of Movida, a major startup incubator and accelerator in Asia. Before Movida, he was at Hambrecht & Quist, where he managed investments in Internet companies across the US and Japan. Earlier in his career, Shin was with GE’s Corporate Audit Staff, and also at Mitsui & Co. where he worked with various global electronics component companies.

Gil has over 20 years of experience representing both public and private venture-backed tech & media companies. As a member of the executive leadership team, Gil has built and led both legal and business teams, and has guided the development of operational and market expansion strategies. Gil began his career at Gray Cary (now DLA Piper) and has since worked in business and legal roles in a variety of sectors. Most recently, Gil built and led the legal team supporting Google’s Access and Energy business and the launch and expansion of Google Fiber.

Steve Kroll is a Silicon Valley veteran with over 20 years of experience at Microsoft, Google, Apple, and numerous startups including WebTV and Danger. Most recently he was a Senior Engineering Manager at Nest and was responsible for the overall end-to-end experience of the Nest ecosystem. Prior to that he spent four years at Apple running a hardware test team responsible for Macintosh, iOS products, and AppleTV.

Justin started his career in advertising, and in 1998 transitioned to user interface design starting at, one of the first online social networks. After eCircles was acquired, he joined Danger Inc. to help create the unique experience for the first service-backed smartphone, which was sold as the T-Mobile Sidekick. Justin later joined Voxer, where he was integral to the UX design and product vision.

Scott is responsible for hardware design and operations at Afero. With more than 20 years of experience, he has been at the nexus of disruptive technologies applying his skills to advance the early stages of game consoles, Mac compatibles, low-power processors, smartphones, and now IoT. Most recently, Scott was Vice President of Hardware for 3D Robotics, designing and manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles. Prior to that, Scott worked at Google, Danger, Microsoft, Transmeta, Hello, UMAX, Radius, and 3DO. In his spare time, Scott creates kinetic art that breathes fire and unleashes lightning.

Tony has been developing software for a now terrifying 28 years. There have been documented sightings of him at all manner of corporation, including Apple, The 3DO Company, WebTV, Microsoft, Danger, Netflix, and more. He has had willful collaboration and known association with Joe Britt and Zz Zimmerman at various times along the way dating back to 1993. At Netflix, he had the gall to produce a high-performance native platform that transformed how the company builds their UX and TV applications.

Zz began his career at Intel in engineering and artificial intelligence more than 30 years ago. And since then he has built device- and server-side software for numerous tech giants, including Apple, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Netflix. He developed a love of startups at Danger, where he worked with Joe Britt. He joined Afero as the fourth employee, leading software development. In his spare time, he tinkers with electric vehicles and has even helped set a land speed record with an electric motorcycle.