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Build Your Own Afero Developer Hub Using Raspberry Pi

Afero is driving fundamental changes in the IoT world, creating a foundation for the next generation of ubiquitous computing. As a part of that effort, we are providing helpful development tools that will speed and simplify your product development.

Today, we’re pleased to release the Afero Hub Software to enable you to create your own standalone hub using a Raspberry Pi for development and testing. Any connected device created with an Afero ASR-1 requires an Afero Hub to communicate with the cloud. Until now, your options were either a dedicated Afero Secure Hub or a smartphone running the Afero app. Using a mobile phone as a hub is a great way to get development started, but requires your phone stay within range of the ASR-1 for communication to take place.

By using the Afero Hub Software and a Raspberry Pi you can create an inexpensive, dedicated hub that will support, for example, constant communication between an ASR-1 at one location and a mobile app roaming remotely. Or perhaps you’re developing a project that will take advantage of the seamless roaming between multiple Afero Hubs; the Raspberry Pi can easily be used in that scenario.

The Afero Hub Software will help you:

  • Create and run a dedicated Afero Hub
  • Leverage the flexibility, low cost, and power of the Raspberry Pi ecosystem to connect to the Afero Cloud
  • Prototype a connected product easily with Afero and Raspberry Pi
  • Connect and control Afero edge devices from anywhere in the world; all functionality and features are supported by the Afero Hub Software

Learn more on how easy it is to build an Afero Developer Hub!