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Google and Afero

Google’s Travis Hagens is our guest in the third episode of The Afero Podcast series. We discuss the Google-Afero IoT solution, a case study on Kenmore, and what’s next for Google Cloud & IoT.

Read on for a recap of the episode or listen to it in its entirety below.

Business Outcomes

  • Cost & complexity are a major consideration.
  • A wide variety of skill sets have to come together to create a functional connected device.
  • Customers are looking for options that are flexible but packaged, allowing a technology partner to do some of the work for them.

Complete IoT: From Sensor to Commerce

  • Afero: far edge (tiny devices), near edge (larger devices), digital twins, and structured data
  • Google: cloud, insight commerce control

Simplifying the IoT Process

  • Simplifying the ability for customers to build an IoT solution.
    • Serverless technology framework
    • Giving Google more responsibility in managing things like scale
    • Customers can focus more efforts on their queries or code
  • Simplifying the process of machine learning
    • Many customers are ultimately interested in IoT because of Machine Learning and automation
    • Google Cloud Platform: Still image & API translation offerings allow users to take advantage of data without being a data scientist

Customer Experience

  • Afero allows for higher activation rates and lower product returns
  • Simple onboarding process: scan a QR code and you’re connected to the cloud

Case Study: Kenmore

  • 80% reduction in IoT development time
  • 99% fewer calls to their support desk
  • 3x activation rate achieved in prior attempts
  • Automated reusable tech + experience
  • Zero outages to date

What’s Next for Google Cloud & IoT?

  • Reducing error rate in manufacturing
  • Automating processes to allow employees to focus elsewhere.

Full-Duplex Interactive IoT: Instant Response, Superior User Experience

The Google-Afero Solution: Simplification and Scale

  • Simplification of device-to-cloud
  • Simplification of cloud-to-insights
  • A solution that covers the spectrum in a simple & scalable way


Listen to the whole conversation:

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