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Low-Power Yet Highly Secure Devices

Low-power devices should not be left out of the IoT world, but how do you connect them and keep them secure? The Afero Bluetooth module, ASR-1, provides a secure, low-power solution. Inside every ASR-1 is a Hardware Security Module that ensures every device is able to authenticate and communicate securely. This enables even low powered devices, such as door sensors or IR sensors, to have the same level of security as you would find on a PC or smartphone.

Ben Gibbs

Ben Gibbs has over 20 years experience in the wireless and communication industry from product management to engineering to project manager. Prior to Afero, he worked at Qualcomm leading WiFi Access Point developer products as well as wearable display product line. He also held technical positions at Sharp Labs, Intel, Qualcomm, GEC Marconi and Mitsubishi. In addition to being fluent in Japanese, he is the organizer of the Silicon Valley Minecraft Meetup - a group for developers and parents of Minecraft players.