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Introducing: Powered by Afero™

Powered-by-Afero represents the unique combination of benefits that the Afero Platform™ delivers

In a recent press release, Afero introduced Secured-by-Afero™ solutions to address the growing consumer anxiety about insufficient security for connected devices. Secured-by-Afero means manufacturers of IoT devices can benefit from pre-built out-of-the-box security for their devices.

Today, Afero is introducing Powered-by-Afero to signal the unique way in which customers can expect to meet their IoT requirements.

Powered-by-Afero encapsulates the range of benefits that make the patented Afero Platform the preferred way to do IoT, including:

  • Security best practices from the device to the mobile app to the cloud and through the device supply chain
  • Fast onboarding
  • Fast device response
  • Ease of managing more than one connected device or more than one device type
  • Reliable service
  • Technology re-use across multiple different IoT projects
  • Structured AI-ready data
  • Simplified software development for device, mobile, and cloud
  • Simplified over-the-air (OTA) software updates

The Powered-by-Afero mark already appears in the Afero service software and will be the mark of excellence in IoT in what Afero does to serve IoT manufacturers and end users.  As the old ad used to say, “ask for it by name”!

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