The Thing about Smart Home Hubs

A recent article on Stacey-on-IoT brought up Smart Home Hubs, a topic that is very near and dear to my heart and was actually a subject of engineering projects here at Afero. (Scroll down to see the link to the article.)…

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Major Update to Afero Software

Afero is delighted and proud to announce a major update to two key components of the Afero Platform: the Afero mobile app and the Afero Profile Editor. The Afero Profile Editor creates a secure glue between the sensor and the…

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IoT Reading List

Here is an IoT Reading List based on what we have come across that we found useful. We do not mean to endorse everything you will see on these links but there is a lot of good material out there…

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In a Good Bind with Afero

With the Afero GPIO system, you have up to four GPIOs that can be configured as inputs or outputs to help you get the job done. For example, a mousetrap might need an input to detect when the trap is…

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A Simple Way to Connect

Up until the latest release, your only choice for connecting an MCU to an Afero device was through the SPI bus. SPI is a great interface but some of our customers were asking for a simple UART interface. We heard…

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Random Is Good

Pick a number, any number! Was it 2348239324818238123492349052348238? Choosing a long, truly random number is very important for crypto functions and messing it up can cause a lot of problems. Recently, the country of Estonia had to withdraw all their…

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post / 05.16.2016