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The Dreaded “Flashing” Orange Light

A few years ago, the CTO of a major Taiwanese OEM told me about the dreaded flashing orange LED that cost him dearly. Turns out this flashing LED was the top reason their users called Customer Care. If the LED was red, then customers knew the device was not working, and if it was green then everything was fine. But if it was flashing orange, the device was stuck trying to get connected. And if that took too long, the customer would get frustrated and call Customer Care. With each call costing $10 or more, profit margins were being destroyed.

In today’s world of IoT devices, consumers and installers need a swift and easy setup, configuration, and connection. Afero solves this with a super-simple onboarding process that is not only easy to use but highly secure.

By using a Hardware Security Module in each Afero device, customers can connect their device almost instantly. This saves IoT system developers money and encourages users to put their devices online. After all, IoT devices are of no use if they have no “I”.

Ben Gibbs

Ben Gibbs has over 20 years experience in the wireless and communication industry from product management to engineering to project manager. Prior to Afero, he worked at Qualcomm leading WiFi Access Point developer products as well as wearable display product line. He also held technical positions at Sharp Labs, Intel, Qualcomm, GEC Marconi and Mitsubishi. In addition to being fluent in Japanese, he is the organizer of the Silicon Valley Minecraft Meetup - a group for developers and parents of Minecraft players.

post / 09.10.2017

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