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What’s Cooking in the Smart Kitchen? A Killer App of IoT, That’s What!

The Afero Podcast: The “Killer Apps” of IoT, Part 1: Consumer Appliances

The Afero Podcast’s second episode has been one of our most popular, with hundreds of listeners and great feedback. The podcast features Ben Gibbs, Director of Afero Customer Enablement (ACE) discussing some of the attributes of the Killer Apps of IoT. This blog captures some of its salient points and looks to the future.

As an example, Ben highlights the way smart kitchen apps are making the works of professional or home chefs easier and safer while allowing manufacturers to build better products and services. Notifications, Safety and Compliance, Remote Control, Ease of Use, and Instant Response play prominent roles. These parameters can also inform other killers apps of IoT.

Looking to the future, a host of new capabilities are coming to a Smart Kitchen near you, with:

  • beautiful and intuitive mobile apps that improve customer experience for end users,
  • better, faster and lower cost customer service that make life easier for customers, authorized service providers, and manufacturers alike,  and
  • new possibilities for seamless cooperation among different appliances that make smart products from the same brand not just visually consistent, but operationally coordinated, and
  • fleet management and secure over-the-air (OTA) management that enhance business outcomes.

Read on for a recap of the episode or listen to it in its entirety below.



  • Timing is everything in the kitchen. Even the best chefs use timers. 
  • We can’t always be in the kitchen, and traditional timers are not always effective.
  • Smart kitchen apps aim to “extend the beep,” allowing users more freedom and range in which they can be notified about the status of their kitchens. 


  • How long has that pan been on the range? Between auto-timing, remote shut off, and alerts monitoring potential hazards in the kitchen becomes easier with these applications. 
  • Kids & elderly family members can be “checked in” on when necessary. If parents are out of town or at a late meeting, they can see if the kids made a late night pizza. Seniors can be monitored remotely to make sure they’re still accessing their refrigerators and eating properly. 

Other Appliances 

  • Laundry: Get notifications when a cycle is complete, or if a load has been sitting in the wash too long. 
  • Air Conditioning: Manage temperature remotely so that your home is cool when you arrive without having to run the air all day. 

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