Because secure IoT is the grand challenge of the digital age

The future is a blend of bits and atoms. It’s digital and analog. And IoT is its threat and opportunity.

IoT is a technology that directly affects products that businesses use in their facilities and supply chains, and that consumers use in their kitchen or car or gym. That has a giant impact on improving productivity, reducing escalations, maintaining financial transparency, and reducing the technical and financial risk of integrating information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

Focused on security, end-to-end integration, and a simplified business model, Afero assembled a team that has deep engineering expertise: from mobile device technologies to development environments and productivity tools, from cryptography to data science and artificial intelligence, and from blockchain to cloud computing. These disciplines don’t always speak the same language, so having them under the same roof and working out integration issues while engineering-in security has been an incredibly important achievement. The result is something really unique in the market: a fully integrated, fully interactive, fully secure sensor-to-cloud IoT platform.

Fast Facts


Joe Britt

Secure Sensor-to-Cloud IoT

Los Altos, California

Softbank, Samsung

“…Afero could be bigger than Android…”

The best IoT platform on the market

Customers choose Afero because they can cut down their time to market by as much as 80%, their engineers love the robustness of the Afero service and how they can re-use 90% of their work from project to project, and their customers love how easy it is to get their device connected and how reliable and responsive their device operates.

  • From thing to connected thing: simple economical secure connectivity
  • From sensor to cloud: capturing data
  • From cloud to insight: converting data to meaningful analytics
  • From insight to action: driving real-time interactive action
  • From data paths through supply chain: hardware-backed security
  • From device shipment to customer activation: easy onboarding

Customers like Kenmore and D-Link pick Afero to beat the competition with a solution that their team loves to build and their customers love to use.

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