Clear and proven path to IoT success

With Afero, IoT is the opportunity, not the problem.

Go-it-alone trap

You need an IoT platform. Should you build one?

Truth is, creating and maintaining your own IoT solution is impossibly hard. It can seem like a great idea to build your own IoT platform. But many companies have gone down that road and most fail to meet expectations. Too many never launch at all. Afero offers the best solution: tap the best IoT platform on the market, get to market fast, deliver a great customer experience, and maintain control.

Scarce Talent

At your service: the all-star Afero team

Building the right team is the most critical aspect of successful IoT because IoT spans so many disciplines. There’s hardware integration. There are radios in the hardware. A firmware team must integrate those radios with the device. How about a mobile app? Those developers are expensive! FCC approval for your product? Factory programming at scale for all your connected devices? Cryptographic algorithms? Visualization of data?… IoT is not one thing or even a few things. It’s layers of proven expertise, across a broad spectrum, all built into the Afero Platform.

Cost Overruns

Time-to-market is everything

You need a secure, scalable, and affordable IoT platform. Imagine how much time and money you can save with an award-winning solution from Afero that’s proven with products just like yours, ready to go.

Low Attach Rates

Can customers actually connect?

The biggest customer complaint? They can’t connect your product to the internet. Routers and phone radios are all different and what works on one phone won’t work on another. You want it all to be easy, secure, and fast. The longest yard…actually connecting.

Dreaded Support Calls

Choose a solution that just works

The Afero Platform scales seamlessly and responds instantly, with communication between device and cloud measured in sub-seconds not tens of seconds or minutes. Afero customers have experienced as much as 80% reduction in time-to-market, 99% fewer support calls, and 10x higher activation rates. Plus, they can re-use 90% of their work from one project to the next.

Afero selected as a “Cool Vendor in the Internet of Things”

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