Go Fast

Fast time to market, fast development, fast onboarding, fast response time

Fast Time to Market

Don’t miss the market window

Rolling out a robust IoT solution does not have to take months or years. Our integrated IoT solution features everything you need to create a successful line of IoT products, giving you maximum control with minimum effort. By including every step of the IoT product development and life cycle in a single dashboard, the Afero IoT Platform offers a comprehensive approach to IoT architecture that extends to the full supply chain, giving you the power to create and launch products well within the market window.

Fast Development

Simplifying development for embedded, mobile, cloud

One thing that makes IoT difficult is the need to control embedded, mobile, and cloud development. In the past, IoT system architecture required a lot of moving parts and expertise across both Operations Technology (OT) and IT. OT professionals handled the front half of the development cycle, including sensor placement during device manufacture as well as data aggregation and conversion, while IT experts focused on data analytics and cloud storage. Afero gives you a drag-and-drop development environment that is already aware that there is an embedded device, that mobile apps are required, and that cloud back-ends need to be in sync. 

Fast Onboarding

Don’t make your customers struggle

Onboarding. All of your ROI depends on it. Customer reviews depend on it. But for too many end-users, the excitement of having a connectable device quickly turns into the frustration of trying, and failing, to actually connect it. Afero has an amazingly simple and secure solution.

With Afero, it’s as easy as 1-2-3: customers download the app, snap a QR code, type their Wi-Fi password in the app, and they’re off and running. No searching, no clumsy Bluetooth pairing, no wasted time, and no computer science degree required. With Afero, customers can control all of their devices in one place securely and without any difficulty. Through Afero’s simple, secure onboarding process, you can expect to experience everything from higher customer retention rates to substantially lowered operating costs to steadier product life cycles.

Fast Devices

Instant response, great customer reviews

The Afero devices respond in milliseconds instead of minutes or… never. Customers are amazed with the feedback. Tap an action, it happens. No mystery fire-and-forget interfaces. No need to click multiple times because there was no response. No need to wonder if anything is happening. And what’s more, instant response continues even as you grow to hundreds of thousands of devices.

In the past, connecting smart devices was an experience filled with friction and fraught with compromised security. No more! Afero’s approach to improving customer experience has proven to benefit not only the customers, but the people that create smart products.

Automatic Failover

Fast doesn’t mean unreliable

Afero doesn’t just improve the way developers create products. It enhances customer experience in the way that only ease of use can! Wi-Fi is down? No problem. Afero seamlessly connects with the device through Bluetooth instead. All available connection paths are considered and can be used. We’ve designed our app to be as simple as possible, allowing customers to enjoy their smart products without worrying about the setup process or dealing with failures. Automatic failover from Afero saves time, saves aggravation, and sometimes saves the day.

Hardened Security

Fast doesn’t mean sloppy

Afero is the world leader in secure device-to-cloud connections. You’ve seen the hacker headlines. Security has always been a primary focus for Afero. We ensure top security between device and cloud using unique key exchange, weapons-grade encryption, and countermeasures for both individual device and the supply chain, taking security to new heights and widths. Don’t be the next headline. Use the IoT platform that is designed for security from the ground up.

IoT Made Easy

Afero’s fully-integrated IoT Solution is perfect for just about anything you can think to throw at it. Whether you’re tinkering in your home or creating a line of millions of smart products, the Afero IoT Platform has got your back.

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IoT devices contain nearly limitless potential, and this potential can only truly be unlocked using the best IoT software currently available on the market. So don’t wait, find out how Afero can help you develop your IoT project today!