Go Secure

State of the art, IoT specific, security that extends through your supply chain, backed by hardware root of trust and VPN-like tunneling without pairing.

Unique. Patented.

Backed by the 5th largest IoT patent portfolio in the industry

An independent study of the IoT patent landscape, conducted by Parola Analytics, placed Afero in the top-5 organizations globally. Positioned high among well-established giants such as Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel, and IBM is a testimony to the technical advances that are embedded in the Afero IoT Platform™. Afero also ranks among the top-5 in the area of IoT security. With Afero, you leverage state-of-the-art IoT security and work with an industry leader who has made security a centerpiece of its platform.

Secure Foundation

Start with security and privacy

You must design for security from the outset. Step 1. Job 1. If it’s a connected device, it’s also a potential target for cyber attack. Whether it’s a home appliance, commercial machinery, or an industrial factory floor, connected devices demand security and privacy, and the best way to achieve it – the only way to achieve it – is to design in security up front. This means an architecture that anticipates and protects rather than takes chances. This means using best practices in security and privacy now and in the future. This means a solution that works for you not against you. That is the Afero design philosophy, and the reason why the Afero Platform delivers best-in-class security while actually improving ease of development, ease of use, reliability, scalability, and total cost of ownership.


360°, 3D, end-to-end security

The team of security and privacy experts at Afero make it their mission to build security best practices into your connected devices today and over time. In IoT, hundreds of millions of connected devices can become vulnerable all at once, requiring a whole new approach to security. Afero’s approach provides proactive and reactive end-to-end security every step of the way.

From supply chain to customer, device to cloud, cloud to mobile app, user to device, and going beyond protecting data paths, managing identity, authentication, and access policies, everything needed to guarantee device security is included with Afero.

Secure the Device

Silicon-backed security that extends through the device supply chain

As the quantity of IoT products increases, risk of cyber attack increases due to an ever expanding “attack surface”. Essentially, the target for cyber attack gets larger over time, becoming more vulnerable as software defenses age and new vulnerabilities are uncovered and not patched.

When your IoT project is powered by Afero, you get hardened security that makes each device uniquely protected with hardware roots of trust where needed, through the supply chain to the device, mobile app, and cloud.

Secure Connections

VPN Tunneling for IoT, through any available channel

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are used as standard practice in IT devices, but not for IoT devices. Afero has created the equivalent of a VPN for IoT to ensure best practices for security are followed. In addition, Afero allows devices to communicate securely through any available channel for better security, resilience, and ultimately a superior customer experience. Using individual Afero Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), we are able to extend security architecture from the manufacturing supply chain to the device’s end-of-life, enabling a previously unattainable level of security and keeping valuable data safe and thoroughly locking down devices. 

Secure the Data

Protecting data at rest and in motion

Afero implements the best practices of secure communication at multiple levels. All data flows through multiple “tunnels” of protection, encrypting data in transit and authenticating all data paths. Resilience is built in to ensure that data reaches its destination with high reliability and low latency. The Afero HSM stores cryptographic keys and provides hardware acceleration for encryption algorithms, protecting and uniquely identifying each device and ensuring that even a simple low-power sensor benefits from high-powered security protection. Additionally, Afero HSMs communicate directly from device to cloud, enabling mutual authentication.

Secure Onboarding

Can customers actually connect? Can they do it securely?

The biggest customer complaint is based around the frustrating process of connecting devices and keeping them connected. Customers want it all to be easy and fast, but not at the expense of security. The amazingly simple onboarding process that is part of the Afero Platform is enabled by its security architecture. What’s more, Afero’s security architecture is designed to protect the device from the moment of manufacture to end-of-life, a time period that can span from years to decades.

Secure at Scale

Security that contributes to your success and scales with it

Things don’t scale linearly and in unison. As you go from one to hundreds to millions of connected devices, your IoT service must scale effortlessly, bringing in resources where and when they are needed. Security cannot become a bottleneck. The Afero Platform scales seamlessly and responds instantly, without cutting corners on security.

The Afero IoT Platform is built from the ground up to implement OTA updates. Featuring carefully managed firmware updates with secured update delivery, Afero-enabled products receive exactly what they need every time, regardless of scale.

Enterprise-Tier Security at Every Level

Security is a vital part of just about every area of technology, but within Internet of Things, security takes on a whole new level of importance. In IoT, hundreds of millions of connected devices are vulnerable, requiring a whole new approach to security. Afero’s approach provides end-to-end security every step of the way, from the supply chain to the sensor to the cloud, while remaining simple enough for customers to appreciate.

Go Secure. Go Afero.

Afero’s approach to IoT device security takes security to new heights and widths. To learn more about our platform, please feel free to request a demo today and see firsthand how secure your data and devices can be!