Experience True Next-Gen IoT

Afero customers fully experience IoT’s limitless potential, enjoying as much as 80% reduction in time-to-market, 99% fewer support calls, and 10x higher activation rates. Afero also ensures easy reusability, making 90% of work transferable from one project to the next.

Get ahead of your competition with a robust solution that your team loves to build and your customers love to use. Find out why Kenmore, D-Link, and customers like you rely on Afero’s next-generation IoT platform.

Benefits include:

  • Hardened security that operates beyond data paths, extending to the manufacturing process
  • Amazingly simple onboarding so your connected devices actually get connected
  • Click-to-configure development for embedded, mobile, and cloud
  • Resilient IoT service for reliable operations and reduction of support calls
  • Elastic scalability and optimization for device responsiveness
article / 11.15.2017

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