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How can you benefit from Afero?

Afero is the only enterprise IoT platform solution that securely scales from first-mile edge device connectivity to last-mile governance in the cloud. Afero removes technical complexity so you can build IoT products that drive your business outcomes.

Fastest time-to-market

Afero turns your “IoT non-experts” into “IoT experts” by removing the complexity.

Most secure and reliable

Afero enables security-at-birth and a trusted lifecycle for your connected product and its supply chain.

Lowest total cost

Afero gives you a tightly integrated enterprise IoT platform, combined with seamless interoperability.

Why Afero?

Unbounded interoperability

Most enterprises need their intelligent IoT products to interoperate with their existing assets: from clouds, to BI tools, to gateways, to payment systems. Afero provides open interfaces for seamless interoperability so you can future-proof your intelligent IoT products as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technologies advance.

Unprecedented security

Security is the #1 concern in IoT deployments. Afero uses a unique, innovative, and patented approach to securing device connectivity and application communication. Afero optimizes for security so your solutions contain security and regulatory compliance.

Unparalleled automation

Deploying IoT solutions requires skills across embedded devices, connectivity, mobile applications, middleware, hubs, cloud, and back-end interoperability. Afero automates complex tasks out-of-the-box, so you can build faster and easier.

Faster and more reliable

Kenmore gained immediate benefits from deploying Afero. Development was 3x faster, there were 99% fewer escalations and no outages. The automation enabled by the Afero Platform meant both technology and expertise were reusable for the next wave of Kenmore intelligent products.

The industry is talking…

We’re the recognized IoT solutions leader

“Afero has built an elegant end-to-end platform solution that solves a real problem for companies struggling to set up, deploy, and manage IoT at scale.”

“Of all the IoT platforms out there, we selected Afero because they are the most robust, secure, and reliable infrastructure that exists today.”

“BNSI is proud to collaborate with Afero in finding new ways to bring the next generation of connected products and features to our customers.”

“In potential scope at least, Afero could be bigger than Android…”

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