The Afero IoT Platform is IoT marketplace’s premier source of structured and organized device data. Every bit of the data stored in the Afero cloud is organized, making it immediately usable. Afero’s unprecedented data analytics provides immediate insights, freeing developers from the monotony of data sorting and allowing them to focus their efforts on making use of insights from the data.

Clear Insights into Devices

Make immediate improvements with ease

Scalable, Secure Cloud Storage

Scales from a single prototype to millions of unique devices

View Organized Data in One Dashboard

Easy Analysis = Greater Insight!

The Premiere Cloud IoT Platform

The key to a truly successful IoT project lies in the way data is treated and utilized, sealing the importance of accurate data analytics. With Afero, you can be sure that every bit of data stored in the cloud can be used to its fullest potential. By gathering data from across the full supply chain, the Afero IoT Platform guarantees that developers are being offered a complete picture of their IoT project. But raw data isn’t terribly helpful to the average developer, who needs to spend time working on the product instead of sorting through numbers and values. That’s why, in addition to comprehensive data-gathering, the Afero IoT Platform organizes all data prior to its storage in the cloud, allowing developers to freely glean and all insights without wasting precious time and energy.

Afero’s IoT cloud storage offers:

  • Secure Data Storage
    • All device data is transmitted through Afero’s secure data pipelines
    • The Afero cloud features high-end proactive and reactive security countermeasures
  • Data Analytics
    • Examine data sets according to specific attributes
    • All the data on the Afero cloud is organized
    • Gather insights without spending time piecing everything together

IoT Cloud API Security

Collected and organized data has a great deal of value to customers, the enterprise, and developers alike, so anything less than premium security is completely unacceptable. Afero’s API security practices are extensive, locking down everything in the cloud with ease and all but ensuring their safety against cyberattack.

API Communication Sessions are as simple to set up as they are secure:

  1. Initiate communication with the API server by requesting an OAuth 2.0 access key and providing your OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret.
  2. Afero responds by sending an access key
    • All access keys are set to expire after approximately four hours for additional security
  3. Include the access key in all HTTP requests to the API endpoints as an Authorization header.

Once secure access has been established, the Afero Platform offers a broad range of functionality via a RESTful API set that is full accessible on the Afero cloud.

Make the Most of Your IoT Venture

Afero’s goal is to empower developers to create innovative products that delight customers while ensuring a healthy ROI through data stream monetization. Our Platform changes IoT technology from a question into an answer, and we’re proud to provide the solutions necessary the help developers meet and exceed their IoT goals.

Find out how organized data on the Afero cloud can benefit your project today! Reach out to us for a demo and find out what Afero can do for your project.

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