In the past, IoT system architecture required a lot of moving parts and expertise across both Operations Technology (OT) and IT. OT professionals handled the front half of the development cycle, including sensor placement during device manufacture as well as data aggregation and conversion, while IT experts focused on data analytics and cloud storage.

With Afero, the lines that sequester the different areas of IoT infrastructure aren’t just blurred, they’re nonexistent! The Afero IoT Platform gives you the power to control every level of the device’s development cycle:


Afero’s embedded secure radio is separately built in a secured manufacturing facility prior to device placement


Afero allows for app-level monitoring and control throughout the supply chain


Control and process data via our Web API

A Streamlined Approach to IoT Architecture

With Afero, hiring a brand new team of experts to launch an IoT product is no longer a requirement. Our integrated IoT solution features everything you need to create a successful line of IoT products, giving you maximum control with minimum effort. By including every step of the IoT product development and life cycle in a single dashboard, the Afero IoT Platform offers a comprehensive approach to IoT architecture that extends to the full supply chain.

  • Individual devices
    • Our system architecture works at the very beginning of the product’s life cycle
    • Our sensors are manufactured in our own secure facility and are simply placed in by device manufacturers
  • Data conversion
    • Instantly readable on the Afero mobile app
    • Afero’s own data acquisition systems handles the analog-to-digital transformation and transmits it via secure radio, Bluetooth® low energy, and/or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Data analytics
    • Easy analysis of all incoming data in one single dashboard
  • Secure cloud storage
    • Data is stored for future analysis
    • Afero’s constantly updated security protects customer and enterprise data

Consumer Benefits

Afero’s integrated IoT architecture allows developers to take advantage of end-user data more quickly while adding additional layers of security across the full supply chain, but our IoT architecture doesn’t just benefit developers. End-users feel the effects of our IoT infrastructure as it removes many of the barriers commonly associated with smart devices. Afero-enabled smart devices offer:

  • Hassle-free onboarding
    • All end-users have to do is create a profile and snap a QR code
  • Increased security
    • Afero devices are far less susceptible to cyber attack, so end-users’ personal information is less at-risk and device control is less likely to be compromised
  • Greater success with device operation
    • Thanks to easy access through our app, end-users tend to have greater success with Afero-enabled devices, leading to better reviews, fewer returns, and fewer customer resource calls

A Turnkey Solution

So there you have it: a simple, turnkey IoT solution that gives power to both developers and end-users with a flexible, all-encompassing architecture. Afero simplifies every step of the IoT supply chain, adds new layers of security, and shortens the development cycle.

But don’t just take our word for it! Request a demo today and experience our comprehensive IoT architecture for yourself!

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