We designed the Afero IoT Platform to be a developer’s best friend, integrating a variety of tools across the IoT device supply chain to make product development and monitoring simple yet powerful. The Afero IoT Platform offers everything needed to attain IoT success, from the product’s beginnings as a prototype to mass production to each individual product’s end-of-life.

Easy cloud, mobile, and embedded development

Immediate onboarding and easy provisioning

Elastic scaling

Factory-to-customer and sensor-to-cloud security

  • Both reactive and proactive security countermeasures along data pathways

Built-in data ontology

Over-the-air fleet management

Embracing IoT

The Afero IoT Platform encompasses every single area listed above, reducing the prerequisites for a successful IoT deployment from hiring a new team of specialized experts to giving current developers the tools they need to create. One of our favorite things about our Platform is that it encourages innovation. With the Afero IoT Platform, developers are free to make subtle alterations without having to reinvent the wheel.

IoT has long been considered a somewhat difficult realm to breach. Attaining IoT success and entering the digital age requires a multidisciplinary approach, covering different professional areas:

  • Hardware
    • New IoT products often must be built from the ground up
  • Firmware
    • IoT devices must be easy for end-users to control
  • Networking
    • How will data be transmitted securely?
  • Mobile
    • Ensuring device control and simple onboarding
  • Cloud
    • Organizing and utilizing stored data

Setting the Standard for IoT Companies

IoT has far too much potential to waste time on solving tiny problems instead of creating and testing new projects. Our IoT solution isn’t just meant to make the full IoT process simpler and faster (though it certainly does!). It’s meant to help developers follow their ambition, chasing new goals instead of unearthing single faults that have held up the whole process.

The Afero IoT Platform contains the many useful tools, customizable attributes, and precision monitoring and management capabilities that developers need to achieve even the loftiest IoT goals, and it scales from a single prototype to millions of individual units, all within the same platform.

  • No programming required
    • Offers graphical tools, auto-generated API, and a cohesive data model
    • Doesn’t require custom programming
  • No cybersecurity expertise required
    • A unique BLE VPN design eliminates pairing to allow roaming and multiple users, enabling secure sharing
    • Data pathways are encrypted
  • No cloud service experience required
    • Data stored in the cloud is organized and immediately usable
  • No cryptography experience required
    • Uses integrated key management with physical security

Afero’s Vision for IoT

The possibilities presented by IoT are only limited by the human imagination. Our Platform’s combination of simplicity and power is meant to encourage innovation by extending the possibilities afforded by IoT technology to people of all backgrounds.

So why waste any more time? Request a demo of the Afero IoT Platform, so you can get started on your own IoT project today.

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