At Afero, we’ve assembled a team of professionals from a wide variety of tech backgrounds to create what has been called the best IoT solution on the market. Utilizing our depth and breadth of industry experience, we’ve created a platform that helps developers from all backgrounds fully realize the potential of IoT.

The Best Sensor-to-Cloud IoT Platform on the Market

The Only End-to-End Security that Fully Extends to the Supply Chain

The Most Effective Engagement Model on the Market

The Future of IoT Belongs to the Bold

The complex transition to digital smart technologies is not one to be taken lightly. According to industry surveys, up to 75% of IoT projects fail. We spent a great deal of time and effort analyzing the causes of these failures before distilling our findings into the Afero IoT Platform. Our customers boast:

  • 3x faster development cycles
  • 99% fewer escalations
  • Maximized user adoption leading to much higher ROI
  • Re-usable technology and expertise to accelerate future projects

By eliminating many of the common difficulties that plague IoT ventures, such as lack of proper security or problems with integration, we are able to provide our customers a path through their current projects as well as even more ambitious future projects.

IoT Made Simple

A major part of the Afero platform’s success is in its simplicity. Our IoT solution provides users with actionable intelligence, remarkably easy onboarding, end-to-end integration, and supply chain security all in one place. This simplicity can help you thrive through the digital transformation process, propelling your company past your competitors. The Afero IoT Platform frees you from the minutia of dealing with IoT integration.

  • No programming knowledge required
    • Through graphical tools, a cohesive data model, and auto-generated API, the Afero IoT Platform provides a seamless and flexible solution that doesn’t hinge on custom programming
  • No cybersecurity experience required
    • A unique BLE VPN design eliminates pairing to allow roaming and multiple users, simplifying onboarding and enabling secure sharing.
  • No cloud service knowledge required
    • Afero IoT Platform features a resilient design that is penetration tested to provide single tenant and remote secure data mirroring options.
  • No cryptography experience required
    • Using integrated key management with physical security, our solution allows the factory to handle secure, tamper-proof IP, resulting in automated security.

Our Goals

At Afero, we don’t restrict ourselves to simply building a user-friendly product with precision engineering. We craft creative IoT solutions that create customer success and enhance value through a combination of simplicity and the ability to create real results.

As a team of artists, risk-takers, innovators, and business professionals that like to think far outside the box, you can expect that we are determined to improve user experience, no matter what it takes.

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