Because the Afero IoT Platform integrates every level of the product life cycle, the gathered data provides a depth of valuable insights that have never before been available. Our thorough-but-simplified approach to data analytics unlocks new worlds of potential to IoT developers, empowering them to build the best products possible while increasing revenue.

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What Makes Afero’s Data Analytics Stand Out

As any IoT developer knows, the level of success for an IoT projects depends upon the the way data transmitted by the device is used. The two common problems that plague most IoT projects’ data are:

  1. Transmitted data is sent in vast quantities
    1. Especially as the quantity of devices in use increases, sorting through vast seas of numbers is incredibly difficult
  2. Device data arrives in the cloud without any structure
    1. As the amount of transmitted data increases, so does the need for structure
    2. Piecing together unstructured data takes a tremendous amount of time and expertise

These two problems can hamstring any IoT project, reducing even the best idea to an unmanageable mess. That’s where the Afero IoT Platform comes in.

The Afero IoT Platform provides perhaps the most valuable asset under the umbrella of data analytics: organization. In early IoT ventures, transmitted data was stored in the cloud in its raw form, requiring developers to pore over an immense mass of numbers to even hope to glean any meaningful information. With Afero, data arrives in the cloud in organized, accessible packages, providing immediate insight into device performance and how end-users are using their devices.

Gain New Insights with Actionable IoT Data Analytics

Whether your deployment is a single prototype or millions of units, the value of data organization cannot be overstated. Afero’s data analytics tools ensure that everything transmitted by devices is instantly readable and ready-to-use.

Afero’s IoT Solution provides two valuable benefits to developers:

  1. Secure device data storage on the Afero cloud
    1. After devices generate the data, it passes through Afero’s secure data pipelines before arriving in cloud
    2. All data in the cloud is automatically organized for ease of use
  2. Data analytics tools
    1. Examine data sets according to specific attributes
    2. Gather insights without spending time piecing everything together

Additionally, the Afero IoT Platform can be integrated with leading data analytics toolkits, so developers can further examine the Afero-organized data under whatever microscope they choose!

Glimpses of the Future

The Afero IoT Platform’s level of data organization provides a wide range of different applications, many of which provide new avenues to be explored. From AI applications to data ontology, the Afero method of data storage provides a nearly limitless potential for innovation.

Uncover your device’s potential today! Contact us for a demo and find out how the Afero IoT Platform can help take your IoT project’s success to new heights.

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