Our approach to the Internet of Things gives you the power to turn Data into Decisions without ever leaving our dashboard. Our integrated IoT solution is perfect for deployments of all sizes, from multinational consumer products to hobbyists. The Afero IoT Platform is powering the next generation of IoT products.

Security Throughout the Supply Chain

  • Security is at the heart and soul of the Afero IoT Platform.
  • Each of our products contains its own Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • HSMs encrypt all data transmitted between devices and the cloud
  • Low computing power requirements and doesn’t sacrifice speed

End-to-End Turnkey Solution

  • Afero IoT Platform has every tool developers need to build a top-quality smart product
  • Contains tools for wireless protocols, antenna design, power consumption, internet connectivity, cloud providers, database schemas, global availability, mobile platform support, and much, much more!
  • Just take any device, add the Afero Secure Radio, and do some light configurations. That’s really all!

Rapid Prototyping

  • Our platform is designed  to get developers up and running ASAP
  • Our Modulo Development Boards give your project completely secure connectivity, simple smartphone control, and cloud API in only minutes
  • You can apply current technology to future projects, allowing you to reuse, expound upon, and improve previous technology

Elastic Scaling for Mass Production

  • Afero scales from single prototypes to millions of individual products
  • We’ve partnered with Murata and Microchip, two trusted and established leaders in electronics manufacture, to produce our development boards and module

Our IoT Development Kit

At Afero, we couldn’t stop at simply giving you the power to create and manage IoT products. We wanted to make it simple, allowing developers to focus on innovating rather than spending all their time on minutiae.

Modulo, our development board, is designed with developers in mind. Featuring a simple design with limitless possibilities, Modulo allows developers to control all devices in one integrated dashboard. Editing a connected device is as simple as:

  • Follow our brief instructions for device onboarding
  • Download the Afero profile editor
  • Login using the same credentials used on the Afero mobile app
  • Click NEW to create a new device profile
    • Select the Modulo board based on the one you own (MODULO 1 or MODULO 2)
    • Name the profile
    • Select where the file will be stored
    • Click CREATE

From here, we offer a wide array of different customization tools.

  • Navigation
    • Enter the device type and description and choose an icon
  • Attributes
    • Enter the relevant details for your device
  • UI Controls
    • Add new controls to your Attributes in this window
    • There are a wide array of options you can choose from in this window, including different control types, value options, and labels
  • UI Control Groups
    • Organize different UI controls into distinct groups
    • Preview how it will appear in the mobile app
  • Publish
    • Make the profile go live, allowing you to use the device via the mobile app

Unlimited IoT

These are really only the basics. The Afero IoT Platform is only limited by the imagination, so to all you developers out there, get ready to explore and see what our IoT development kit can really do for you. We are happy to give you a demo, so why wait? Reach out to us today and get started on the next phase of your IoT project today!

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