At Afero, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping developers realize that a successful IoT venture is well within reach. The Afero IoT Platform gives developers the power to create and control IoT devices they only dreamed about using a comprehensive set of tools, impressive security, and an accessible, customizable dashboard that integrates every aspect of an IoT project into one pane of glass.

IoT Development Takes Shape

One of the most important things we deliver to IoT developers is control over their products without sacrificing customization. Connected smart products contain a lot of moving parts, so simplicity must be a key part of an IoT platform, but if simplicity means sacrificing options, why bother? That’s why we designed our development boards with developers in mind, putting the power to create directly in developers’ hands.

Modulo, our development board, offers a nexus between simplicity and customization. Featuring a clean design and limitless possibilities, Modulo allows developers to control any and all connected devices in a single dashboard. Editing a connected device is a easy as:

  • Onboard the device as seen here (link here to onboarding page)
  • Download the Afero profile editor
  • Use established Afero mobile app credentials to log in
  • Click NEW and create a device profile
    • Select the appropriate Modulo board (either MODULO 1 or MODULO 2 depending on which one you own)
    • Name your profile
    • Select where your file will be stored
    • Click CREATE

Creating an editable profile for a prototype smart device is a simple as that!

In additional to simple device setup, the Afero IoT Platform boasts a wide variety of different parameters and tools that can be used to set up devices, such as:

  • Navigation
    • Enter the device type and description and choose an icon
  • Attributes
    • Gives developers a long list of options that can be used to program devices
  • UI Controls
    • Developers can easily add new controls to their chosen Attributes
    • Choose from an array of  different control types, value options, and labels
  • UI Control Groups
    • Organize different UI controls into their own groups
    • Preview appearance via the mobile app
  • Publish
    • Products go live after pressing the publish button
    • Use the device via the mobile app

The Afero IoT Platform seamlessly merges the simplicity afforded by a single dashboard with the freedom to create that can only be delivered by a comprehensive IoT toolset. What developers do with their IoT project is completely up to them, uninhibited by unnecessary difficulties or lack of control.

Unlocking IoT’s Potential

Many IoT ventures fail to get off the ground due to a lack of significant ROI, caused by low customer adoption rates, the tremendous initial investment, device security problems, or some combination of all three. The Afero IoT Platform’s unique approach to IoT has solved the problems commonly associated with a venture into IoT, essentially making IoT into a profitable, navigable area. Smart devices are the future, and our Solution helps developers and companies fully embrace that future.

The Afero IoT Platform offers:

  • Unprecedented Levels of Security Across the Supply Chain
    • Security is the Afero IoT Platform’s heart and soul
    • Every Afero-enabled product contains its own Hardware Security Module (HSM)
    • HSMs encrypt all data transmitted between devices and the Afero cloud
    • Low computing power requirements without sacrificing speed
  • A Turnkey Solution Extending to the Full Product Life Cycle
    • Boasts an extensive array of development tools and parameters
    • Wireless protocols, antenna design, internet connectivity, power consumption, cloud providers, global availability, database schemas, mobile platform support, to name just a few!
    • Just drop the Afero Secure Radio in the device and do some light configurations
  • Speed Up the Prototyping Process
    • Our platform is designed  to help developers get up and running by removing many of the more tedious steps of device prototyping
    • Our Modulo Development Boards allows developers completely secure connectivity, smartphone control, and cloud API in only minutes
    • Apply current technology to future projects, allowing developers to reuse, expound upon, and improve their technology
  • Elastic Scaling Makes Mass Production a Reasonable and Logical Next Step
    • Afero scales from single prototypes to millions of individual products all within the same dashboard

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You can start on creating your ideal IoT product as soon as today! Contact us for a demo of our platform and development tools, and experience what is possible when you use the Afero IoT Platform.

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