But digital transformation doesn’t come without risks. Without the proper preparation, making the leap to digital can be a costly and tumultuous affair, fraught with security complications and unmet ROI projections. Afero’s next-generation IoT platform accelerates your IoT projects, building a solid foundation for your digital transformation journey.

The Afero IoT Platform is your key to successful IoT navigation.

Simple and secure connectivity

  • All that is required is placement of the Afero Secure Radio and a few light configurations.
  • Afero Modulo-2 development boards are an excellent way to get started.

Swift prototyping, reducing time-to-market

  • Afero Profile Editor allows you to configure and launch your connected device in only minutes.

Security throughout the supply chain

  • Security countermeasures are included to safeguard data paths as well as the manufacturing supply chain.

Elastic scaling for mass production

  • Scale from a single prototype to millions of units with the same cloud back-end
  • Monitor everything within the same integrated dashboard

A comprehensive IoT toolkit

  • Every tool is capable of interaction with the others

Find Out Where Integration Can Take You

The Afero IoT Platform is an integrated hub for all things IoT, boasting an array of developer tools, customizable product attributes, and ongoing monitoring and management capabilities. Afero takes every step of the product life cycle into account, from the manufacturing process to product end-of-life years or even decades later.

  • Simplified development for cloud, mobile, and embedded
    • IoT demands software for sensors, mobile phones, and cloud. Afero simplifies this process so you do not have to be an expert in everything
  • Immediate onboarding and easy provisioning
    • Just snap a QR code for onboarding, enter your Wi-Fi password and, in an instant, your device is connected and is allocated to you. You can also grant others access to your device for a set period of time or until you revoke it.
  • Elastic scaling
    • Unique elastic scaling grows with your business without changing software
    • Users get a response from their connected device in milliseconds, not seconds or minutes, ensuring a good user experience
      • Increases customer satisfaction and device usage
  • Factory-to-customer and sensor-to-cloud security
    • Both reactive and proactive security countermeasures are taken along data pathways and throughout the manufacturing process
  • Built-in data ontology
    • The Afero system enforces the creation of structured data from the beginning. As a result, data streams from devices that are powered by Afero are instantly useful for analytics and machine learning framework.
    • Data channeling to various AI framework is readily available through RESTful APIs.
  • Fleet management completely handled over-the-air
    • Monitor all devices in a single dashboard
    • In addition to simplified prototyping and software development, ongoing firmware upgrades are enabled.

These options are just scratching the surface of what the Afero IoT Platform can really do. Thanks to the wide variety of customization options available in our accessible dashboard, the direction you choose to take your device is completely up to you.

Integration for Innovation

At Afero, we seek to empower developers to do what developers do best: create and innovate. The Afero IoT Platform is designed not just for large enterprise customers, but also for prototyping and tinkerers. Anyone working on an IoT device should have a comprehensive toolkit. That’s why we offer an array of tools, metric, and analytics integrated into our IoT solution.

  • Monitor individual devices or fleets of them
    • Easily controlled in an integrated, scalable dashboard
    • The insight can help with device maintenance, feature prioritization for future products, etc.  
  • Turn your  devices into instantly valuable streams of data
    • Afero’s data acquisition systems takes care of all  necessary analog-to-digital transformation and transmits it via secure radio, Bluetooth® low energy, and/or Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Data is instantly available in the Afero mobile app for customers
  • Device dashboard
    • Analyze all incoming data in one single dashboard
    • Data can be readily supplied to your choice of data analytics or AI framework
  • Secure data management
    • Data management capability in the cloud enables machine learning, integration with enterprise applications, and historical analysis
    • You can control what data to retain and for how long

Turn Your IoT Dreams into Reality

IoT integration doesn’t have to be a pipe dream!

Reach out to us for a demo today, and find out how the Afero IoT Platform can help you advance your IoT goals!

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