The Afero IoT Platform is the most comprehensive and simplest IoT kit on the market, giving developers every tool they need to operate a successful deployment and giving end-users an ideal onboarding experience and an unmatched level of device security.

3x Faster Product Development Cycles

Much faster prototyping

99% Fewer Escalations

Greater customer success with connecting their devices

Access to Modulo Development Boards

Simpler product development by an order of magnitudes

Security Throughout the Supply Chain

Every device has its own Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Afero’s Accessible IoT Kit for Developers and End-Users

  • The Afero IoT Platform has every tool developers need to create smart products that far outdo the competition.
  • Our IoT kit offers tools for wireless protocols, mobile platform support, power consumption requirements, antenna design, internet connectivity, cloud providers, global availability, database schemas, and much, much more!
  • All you have to do is add the Afero Secure Radio to your device and do some light configurations in our Modulo development board.

The Afero IoT Platform is designed to go beyond simplifying the complicated steps of creating an IoT product to removing the need for those steps altogether. By building much of what IoT products require directly into our IoT kit, we are able to provide developers with a tool that does exactly what they need it to, no hassle required.

Our End-to-End Turnkey Solution is perfect for deployments of all sizes.

But Afero doesn’t just improve the way developers create products. It enhances customer experience in the way that only ease of use can! In the past, connecting smart devices was an experience filled with friction and fraught with compromised security. No more! Afero’s approach to improving end-user experience has proven to benefit not only the customers, but the people that create smart products.

The Afero IoT Platform’s use in different smart products has resulted in:

  • Far fewer customer support calls
  • Fewer product returns
  • Greater customer success rate in connecting their devices

And that’s just to name a few! Because of our simplified onboarding process through the use of QR codes, end-users have really taken to Afero-enabled products. When your customers experience this ease of access, we know they’ll do the same! Onboarding is as easy as:

  1. Download the app
  2. Create an account
  3. Press “Tap to Scan” then scan the device’s QR code

Experience Afero

Afero’s fully-integrated IoT Solution is perfect for just about anything you can think to throw at it. Whether you’re tinkering in your home or creating a line of millions of smart products, the Afero IoT Platform has got your back. Please feel free to contact us anytime for a demo, and find out just what Afero can do for you!

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