At Afero, we fully understand that working with IoT can seem daunting. Designing, prototyping, and manufacturing a smart product securely can be time-consuming and require a lot of resources, all without the guarantee that end-users will connect the device.

Enhanced Device Security Throughout the Full Product Life Cycle

Much Higher Levels of Customer Setup Success

Just snap a QR code, and the device is ready to go!

Simple Product Development

Device configuration is easy and highly customizable with our Modulo development boards

All manufacturers have to do is drop a pre-manufactured chip into the device

Secure Data Storage and Accessible Data Analytics

IoT PaaS: The Future of Connected Devices

The way we see it, smart devices best live up to their potential when handled by an IoT PaaS. By removing the barriers that give both end-users and developers problems, the Afero IoT Platform allows connected devices to operate as they should, inspiring new innovations for the future and giving developers the tools needed to enact such inspirations:

  • Simplified cloud, mobile, and embedded development
    • Fully integrated across the full supply chain
  • Easy onboarding and simplified provisioning
    • Easy onboarding extends to end-users
  • Elastic scaling
    • Allows for flexible preparation for new deployments, changing data requirements, and security updates
  • Sensor-to-cloud and factory-to-customer security
    • Reactive and proactive security countermeasures
  • Built-in data ontology
    • Gathers data from multiple sources
  • Over-the-air fleet management
    • Device management is handled in a single dashboard

A Turnkey Solution

So there you have it: a simple, turnkey IoT solution that gives power to both developers and end-users with a flexible, all-encompassing architecture. Afero simplifies every step of the IoT supply chain, adds new layers of security, and shortens the development cycle.

But don’t just take our word for it! Request a demo today and experience our comprehensive IoT architecture for yourself!

Every necessary tool readily available

  • The Modulo Development Boards contain provisions for antenna design, wireless protocols, internet connectivity, and mobile platform support, just to name a few!
  • All you have to do is add the Afero Secure Radio to any device and do some simple configurations

Quick prototyping reduces time-to-market

  • Developers can get products up and running without any hassle
  • Modulo Development Boards offer secure connectivity, smartphone control, and cloud API in minutes
  • Any current technology can be applied to future projects
  • Customizable attributes with assignable values

Elastic scaling for mass production

  • Scaling can be taken from single prototypes to millions of individual smart products, all within the same dashboard
  • All Afero sensors are manufactured in a secure facility that ensures protection against cyber attack

Getting Started

Launching a new IoT venture is much closer than you might think. You can achieve digital transformation while gaining a competitive edge that carries your enterprise into a new era. With the Afero IoT Platform, you can enjoy the convenience of having every IoT tool readily available in a single customized, scalable solution. So contact us for a demo, and get started on your own ambitious IoT project today!

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