Afero’s multifaceted approach to IoT is the result of some of the best minds in Silicon Valley coming together to create something wholly new and beneficial to all who use it. We’re not simply a group of like-minded engineers, innovators, and technologists. We’re a team of professionals who leverage each member’s unique strengths to create innovative solutions, enjoying the new levels of creativity such an approach naturally leads to.







Afero’s Capabilities

Our integrated IoT platform contains every feature developers need to successfully prototype and deploy a new IoT product. Through every step of the supply chain and throughout the product life cycle, the Afero IoT Platform is designed to help developers focus on the big picture of product development and data utilization instead of the minutiae that cause halts in the  IoT development process. Our market-leading platform boasts:

Security across the supply chain

  • Security best practices are automatically applied to all devices
  • Security covers data pathways

Ultra-simple onboarding

  • Point & click device addition grants simplicity for both developers and end-users

Highly flexible interoperability

  • Enterprise-level scalability allows for expansion from a single prototype to millions of individual units
  • Monitor and manage everything in one dashboard

Graphical configuration

  • WYSIWYG tools make development  easy
  • connect and manage devices and data without any hassle

Opportunity for thriving digital transformation

  • Propel your company far beyond any expectations

Afero: Establishing the Role of IoT Platform Companies

IoT technology has far too many benefits and far too much potential to be hamstrung by the pitfalls that might cause difficulty to IoT projects. Some of these problems might include low customer adoption rates due to product complexity, problems with device security, or large initial investment, all of which can lead to low ROI.

Afero identified these common problems so we could offer systematic solutions with our IoT Platform, leading to:

  • Increased revenue
    • Faster product development cycles
    • Higher product quality thanks to easy development and accessible product monitoring
    • Higher customer adoption rates meaning more valuable data streams
  • Decreased operating expenses
    • Fewer staff requirements and less required expertise
    • Less time in prototype phase
  • Reduced risk
    • Better security across the supply chain
    • Secure data pathways

With the Afero IoT Platform, all your IoT bases are covered, leaving you to innovate and create freely.

Our Background

Our expertise isn’t solely gathered from IoT platform companies. Our team is as varied as our clientele, and our experience is aggregated from all over Silicon Valley, with mobile and hardware veterans from companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Nest, Twitter, and Netflix and senior business professionals from companies like Seagate, GE Digital, Sun/Javasoft, Palm, and Adobe.

Everything we do, we do to accelerate IoT success for our customers. So why not give our platform a try! Contact us today for a demo, and find out how you can meet and exceed your IoT goals with ease.

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