Thanks to longer product life cycles and vulnerability along the supply chain, IoT devices have become a massive and popular target for cyber attack. Attackers might go after IoT devices to gain access to customer data or financial records, or they might hijack connected devices’ computing power for unapproved processing (like mining cryptocurrencies) or even to attack other systems. The amount of ways unsecured IoT can be abused is staggering, and as more devices are added, the risk of infiltration only increases.

Afero’s Security Measures Prevent:

  • Financial losses
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Leaking of information
  • Loss of valuable customer data
  • Damage to the enterprise’s reputation

Experience a New Level of IoT Platform Security

Data must be protected through every step of its existence. Afero protects data from the time of capture, through the transit process, during storage, and when it is accessed for use. In the world of IoT, we realized that the transit process and access for use are the most vulnerable steps of the data cycle. One way Afero combats this is by enacting best practices on in-transit data.

  • Confidentiality
    • Use encryption on multiple  interconnected end points to ensure that data is only readable by intended recipient
  • Integrity
    • Add mechanisms that ensure transferred data cannot be altered without detection
  • Authentication (CIA)
    • Make sure that the two endpoints are what they say they are before data is transferred

With these principles alone in place over all transmitted data, Afero is able to safeguard IoT data to a far greater extent than anything previous. But we don’t stop there!

Anticipating and Preparing for Attacks

IoT systems must be built with the assumption that at some point in time, they will be attacked. While most cyber attacks are carried out in pursuit of financial gain, they can also be driven by espionage, ideology, grudges, or merely for the amusement of the attacker. Sophisticated attacks can come from anywhere and can be carried by lone actors, organized criminal groups, or even state-affiliated actors.

If our Best Practices listed above are the basics for IoT security, our Proactive and Reactive Countermeasures are the logical next step. All countermeasures are fully scalable and can be applied even the largest IoT deployment.

Proactive Countermeasures

  • Designed to prevent attacks from gaining a foothold, so they’re best kept a secret from attackers
  • Thoroughly protect every single part of the supply chain as well as the data transmission and storage process

Reactive Countermeasures

  • Detect when an attack is occurring and react before attackers are successful
  • Our automatic monitoring tools run at both ends of the communication link to detect attacks and take appropriate action
  • In operation 24/7 and report up to a human-run network operations center for further actions and countermeasures

How Afero’s Security Stays Ahead

Attaining exceptional IoT security has proven to be a challenge for developers because of the large supply chain creating a large “area of attack” and because of the extended life cycles of IoT products. We tackled this problem by thinking outside the box wherever possible, creating a solution that provides the best IoT security on the market.

  • Security in the 4th Dimension
    • Time is the 4th dimension, meaning that our security is designed to operate over the full lifetime of the device
    • Protects device from the moment of manufacture to end-of-life, a time period that can span from years to decades
    • Security is updated consistently over years to stay a step ahead of cyber attackers
  • Factory Security
    • Security credentials for every device are found on an Afero Hardware Security Module chip manufactured separately from the device itself
      • Prevents manufacturing facilities from having to take care of security precautions, reducing risk during manufacture
    • All product manufacturers have to do is drop the chip into the product!
  • Secure OTA Updates
    • The Afero IoT Platform is built from the ground up to implement OTA updates
    • Secured update delivery and carefully managed firmware updates
      • Ensure that Afero-enabled products receive exactly what they need every time, regardless of scale

Maintain High Security Standards

It’s never too early to start thinking about security for your IoT project. Reach out to Afero today and find out how you can utilize our comprehensive IoT platform security on your deployment. Feel free to request a demo anytime!

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