IoT projects are notoriously difficult to get off the ground, but when executed well, they can be immensely rewarding.  The Afero IoT Platform and the Modulo development boards are your ticket to IoT success.

Comprehensive security measures that cover the full supply chain, protecting both customer and enterprise data.

Organization of all transmitted data, making it instantly useful and valuable

A single adaptable, scalable framework that works from prototyping to mass production

Your Gateway to the Digital Age

Afero recognizes the massive potential of IoT, so we focus our efforts on helping our customers treat IoT not as a problem but as the solution. Everything we do is aimed squarely at unlocking IoT for developers. The Afero IoT Platform and Modulo-2 has everything you might need to create your own IoT product, from the prototype phase to a full line of connected devices.

Afero’s development kit, the Modulo-2 Development Board, features the flexibility and power developers need to do what they do best: create. With simple QR code onboarding and the Afero Cloud managing all certificates and provisioning, the Afero-powered Modulo-2 board takes care of some of the most challenging areas for IoT developers with ease. Within Modulo-2, developers can take advantage of an extraordinary array of tools and customizable values to build their ideal IoT product.

The Next-Level IoT SDK

Your dream IoT venture could be much closer than you think! With Afero’s Modulo-2 development boards, you can explore the possibilities present in your IoT project with excitement for what the future holds for it. Reach out to us for a demo of the Afero IoT Platform with Modulo-2 and find out how you can unlock the potential of the Digital Age today!

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