A Quick and Easy Onboarding Solution

For many end-users, the excitement of getting a new smart device is often overtaken by frustration when connecting the device. Controlling and connecting a new smart device can feel like trying to solve a convoluted maze of  apps, settings, and passwords. Even after the device appears to be connected, there is still a measure of uncertainty as to whether or not it’s connected properly, risking having to solve the maze all over again tomorrow. Not to mention doing all of this without compromising security.

Creating Useful Smart Devices

With Afero, end-users can control all of their devices in one place securely and without any difficulty. Through Afero’s simple, secure onboarding process, you can expect to experience everything from higher customer retention rates to substantially lowered operating costs to steadier product life cycles.

So why wait? See what Afero can do for you firsthand by requesting a demo today!

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The Afero IoT Platform removes all the uncertainties, risks, and complications associated with end-user onboarding while increasing device security. All you have to do is snap QR code and type your WiFi password. That’s it. No more unnecessary installations, no more juggling different accounts and passwords, and no more security risks.

  • All Afero-enabled devices include a QR code
  • These QR codes can be extended to RFID or other identification mechanisms
  • Existing screens can be reused elsewhere to interact with other devices

Instant, Hassle-Free Device Onboarding

The Afero IoT Platform’s onboarding is more secure and less complicated than any other IoT onboarding mechanism currently on the market. Competing solutions have complex, multi-step processes that can easily frustrate end-users and ultimately lead to frequent failures.

Effective onboarding isn’t just a matter of convenience. It can make a huge difference in ROI for your IoT venture, as a superior end-user experience often directly translates to:

  • Overall happier customers
    • Better reviews and higher “star ratings”
    • Higher net promoter scores
    • More long-term popularity and better publicity
  • Greater customer success with device setup
    • Fewer product returns due to customer satisfaction
    • Far fewer calls to your support desk
      • Lower cost and fewer demands to your resources
  • Secure process
    • Lower risk of data theft

A Brief Walkthrough

We’ve designed our app to be as simple as possible, allowing end-users to enjoy their smart products without worrying about the setup process or dealing with failures. Here’s a brief step-by-step description of just how simple using the Afero IoT Platform can be!

  1. Install and launch the Afero app on your smartphone
    1. Android KitKat 4.4 (API Level 19) or iOS release 9.3 or higher
  2. Tap “Create Account” to create an account on the Afero Cloud
  3. Enter your email and password and accept our terms of service
  4. Locate the Afero-enabled device’s QR code
  5. Tap the “Tap to Scan” button and allow camera access
  6. Snap the QR code
    1. If you are unable to scan the QR code with your phone’s camera, tap “Manually Add Device” located at the bottom of the “Add Device” screen. Enter the hexadecimal code (don’t type the dashes!) printed under the QR code then tap “Add”.
  7. Enjoy your now-connected smart product!
post / 03.19.2018

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