Meet the Industry-Leading IoT Platform

From concept and prototype to customer adoption, many IoT product life cycles have been unpredictable to say the least. Even the best ideas can fail if customers refuse to connect, which can happen for a variety of different reasons like:

  • Complicated and difficult connection processes
  • Unreliable connectivity once the product is in use
  • Concerns with security

What Are You Waiting For?

Get started on the path to digital transformation today! Request demo and find out how Afero can help you concept, create, and control your own IoT project.

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Prototype and monetize your IoT products faster and better than ever before!

The Afero IoT Platform is designed to help you dodge the pitfalls commonly associated with IoT ventures and help you get a better product to market in the process! Our end-to-end platform improves IoT products from production to end-user onboarding. The all-encompassing Afero IoT Platform offers:

  • Extraordinary security by design
    • Security best practices are automatically applied to all devices
  • Ultra-simple onboarding
    • Consumer-grade simplicity and point & click device addition
  • Highly flexible interoperability
    • Enterprise-level scalability and connectivity
  • Graphical configuration
    • WYSIWYG tools make development for connecting and managing devices and data easy
  • Opportunity for thriving digital transformation
    • Propel your company far beyond its competitors

The Most Secure IoT Solution on the Market

One of the biggest challenges facing most IoT projects is lack of security. Security compromises are far too common in IoT products, and in some cases, these security compromises can affect the entire product line.

The Afero IoT Platform uses a unique BLE VPN design to eliminate pairing and allow roaming and multiple users, enabling secure sharing between devices and simplifying the onboarding process. This security measure is built directly into the platform, integrating seamlessly between devices across the supply chain.

  • Security measures are built in and are used throughout the supply chain
  • Full integration eliminates friction between devices and increases reusability from the sensor to the cloud
  • Our customizable, as-a-service model creates a transparent and accessible financial framework

Onboarding Made Easy

Complex device onboarding has been the bane of many IoT ventures. From lack of device integration to complicated onboarding procedures, this step has been too challenging for too long.

Afero’s patented onboarding process uses a combination of security and communication technologies to create a simple and seamless experience that enables end-users to truly understand the value of IoT products. These superior customer experiences can easily translate to:

  • Overall happier customers
  • Potentially higher “star reviews”
  • Potentially higher net promoter scores

But superior onboarding doesn’t just make create a happier, more dedicated customer base. It can also lead to drastically reduced costs for your enterprise through:

  • Greater rates of customer success with device setup
    • Results in fewer product returns
  • Fewer calls to your support desk
    • Lower cost and fewer resource demands
  • Secure process resulting in lower risk

Thrive Through Digital Transformation

Navigating the digital transformation process can be daunting. It may seem as though digital transformation requires expertise in several distinct areas, such as:

  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Networking
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • IoT

But with Afero IoT Platform, you don’t need to hire experts in these fields to successfully navigate the complex digital landscape and remain competitive.

By leveraging the Afero Platform’s tools, such as Afero edge, cloud, developer tools, and core/cross platform services, you can build, provision, monitor, and manage your IoT deployment in a single dashboard, leading to:

  • Revenue Increases
  • Lower Operating Expenses
  • Reduced Risk