The Most Secure IoT Platform on the Market

Security is a vital part of just about every area of technology, but within Internet of Things, security takes on a whole new level of importance. In IoT, hundreds of millions of connected devices are vulnerable, requiring a whole new approach to security. This approach must provide end-to-end security every step of the way from the supply chain to the sensor to the cloud while remaining simple enough for end-users to appreciate.

Learn More About IoT Security

Afero’s approach to IoT device security takes security to new heights and widths. To learn more about our platform, please feel free to request a demo today and see firsthand how secure your data and devices can be!

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At Afero, there’s nothing we love more than a challenge. We believe that creating secure IoT is one of the greatest challenges of the digital age, and we consider it our responsibility as IoT pioneers to build an integrated IoT platform that thoroughly secures every device it touches.

  • Built in security measures are used throughout the supply chain
  • Eliminates of friction between devices from the sensor to the cloud
    • Also allows for increased reusability
  • Customizable model creates a transparent and accessible financial framework

The Most Secure IoT Platform on the Market

As connected devices, IoT products are often susceptible to the same cyber attacks that plague more conventional devices. Even devices on semi-private networks (like LTE) can face attack. In both consumer and enterprise IoT solutions, data breaches are a serious issue that cause significant damage to data owners, potentially resulting in:

  • Financial losses
  • Complete loss of privacy
  • Loss or publicizing of secret information
  • Damage to the enterprise’s reputation

As the quantity of IoT products increases, risk of cyber attack increases due to an ever expanding “attack surface”. Essentially, the target for cyber attack gets larger over time, becoming more vulnerable as software defenses age and new vulnerabilities are uncovered and not patched.

The Afero IoT Platform is designed with assumption that its supported products will be attacked at some point in time. Our safeguards are built in through every step of the supply chain, protecting end-users and vendor. Our Solution’s security far exceeds previous standards, offering:

  • Robust protection across the supply chain
  • The ability to respond to attacks from all angles
  • The ability to ensure protection is up-to-date over a significant period of time
    • This period of time measures in decades rather than years due to device longevity

Our Approach to IoT Security

Afero offers the only comprehensive approach to IoT security on the market. Because our security architecture extends to the manufacturing supply chain, we are able to provide our customers with a previously unattainable level of security, keeping valuable data safe and thoroughly locking down devices. So how do we do it?

  1. Individual Device Security
    1. The Afero Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a small chip that stores cryptographics keys and provides hardware acceleration for encryption algorithms, protecting and uniquely identifying each device.
    2. HSM ensures that even a simple low-power sensor benefits from high-powered security protection.
  2. Internet and Cloud Security
    1. Our cloud- based Hardware Security Module is designed to prevent both accidental and intentional data security issues
    2. This security-hardened hardware system is protected against both physical and electronic attacks, preventing keys from being published either deliberately or accidentally.
  3. Device and Cloud Security Interaction
    1. Afero HSM’s communicate with each other from the device to the cloud
    2. Enables mutual authentication of the device and the cloud services that attempt to contact the device.
  4. Data Flow
    1. Because Afero performs security at multiple levels, often data flows through multiple “tunnels” of protection.
    2. Each individual tunnel provides additional layers of protection, ensuring protection from every side.