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Most IoT products face a high number of challenges through their life cycle that can make turning a profit difficult. From lack of end-user connection to security risks throughout the supply chain, a truly successful IoT deployment can seem difficult to create, to say the least. That’s where Afero comes in.

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Enhance Every Aspect of Your IoT Deployment with Simplicity

The Afero IoT Platform is designed to help you completely rethink the way IoT products are deployed by removing most of the barriers that cause both manufacturers and end-users problems. Our IoT Solution simplifies and integrates every step of the IoT deployment process, allowing for quicker, easier, and better product rollouts, as well as:

  • Simplified development for embedded/mobile/cloud
    • Full integration across the supply chain
  • Simplified onboarding and provisioning
    • Simplified onboarding extends to end-users as well
  • Elastic scaling to assure quality-of-service
    • Helps prepare for future deployments and new data requirements
  • Security from sensor-to-cloud and factory-to-customer
    • Can be adjusted to shifting security needs
  • Built-in data ontology
    • Gathers data from a wide variety of sources
  • Over-the-air fleet management
    • Devices can be managed in a single dashboard

Guiding You Through Digital Transformation

Among the largest costs associated with a new IoT project is the need for expertise within the digital realm. You may have heard that an IoT device rollout requires experts in a variety of fields, such as hardware, firmware, cloud architecture, and networking. With Afero, you don’t have to worry about creating a new team every time you want to create a new product. Our IoT Solution gives you the tools you need to successfully navigate digital transformation without sacrificing your competitive edge.

With Afero, you can experience digital transformation while still:

  • Increasing revenue
    • Faster product development and higher product quality  
  • Decreasing operating expenses
    • Fewer staff requirements and less time in prototype phase
    • Not commonly associated with first entering the digital age
  • Reducing risk
    • Better security across the supply chain

Outpacing Your Competitors

Afero IoT Platform allows you to create better smart products faster than ever before. Afero-enabled products experience 3x faster development cycles, getting into the hands of customers much quicker than smart products without Afero. This, when combined with a much higher user adoption rate, virtually ensures your IoT project’s success.

  • 3x faster development cycles
    • Get your product into the hands of your customers much faster
  • 99% fewer escalations
    • Reduced customer support reuqirements
  • Higher user adoption rate
    • Leads to much higher ROI
    • More comprehensive data gathering
  • Technology can be applied to other projects
    • Even faster development cycles in the future

Better Products Make Happier Customers

Simply put, one of the Afero IoT Platform’s greatest strengths is its ability to make good products even better. Too many IoT ventures are abandoned due to over-complexity causing end-users to give up on the product. By improving user experience, Afero creates:

  • Happier customers
    • Higher “star ratings” and better reviews
    • Better net promoter scores
  • Far higher rate of success for device setup by customers
    • Far fewer product returns
    • Fewer incoming customer support calls and lower support costs

By simply improving end-user experience, Afero helps reduce the costs commonly associated with IoT devices.

article / 11.01.2017

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