Afero + AWS

The business of your IoT…
Accelerated and secured by the best in the business.

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IoT that is secure and easy-to-use

If you are doing IoT on AWS, you need Afero.

Securely connect any device to maximize your market

  • Accelerate digital transformation by accessing billions of small devices.
  • Connecting any device easily and securely to the internet is what the Afero Platform does best.
  • Running the Afero Cloud services on AWS taps into the wealth of technologies that have made AWS the leader in cloud computing.
  • Afero+AWS combination is the embodiment of the “integrated best of breed” strategy —  and creates a competitive advantage for you.

Lightning fast for higher activation rates and customer retention

  • Scalable architecture lets your services grow with your business and deliver on your brand promise.
  • Elastic peer-to-peer architecture means responsive service for your customers. The Afero Cloud services on AWS expand and shrink with load to maintain consistently good response times.

Simply integrate with analytics/AI to add more differentiated value

  • For data to be actionable, it needs to feed advanced  analytics and machine learning or artificial intelligence apps such as the Alexa service from Amazon.  Afero and AWS drastically simplify this process.
  • Afero delivers secure structured data feeds to the AWS cloud from any device and enables a whole new class of connected devices by making it possible to connect micro clients, the low-cost devices that make economic sense but do not run a full OS or come with a keyboard.
  • IoT devices generate lots of data, and you need to know what all that data means. Afero simplifies the data stream by structuring data at inception, so when your apps receive the data they know exactly how to use it.

Reliable service for higher customer satisfaction

  • Reliability requires advanced planning and the ability to absorb outages without affecting the service level that customers expect.
  • The Afero Cloud services run in multiple AWS Availability Zones, which means multiple levels of resilience to make sure your customers receive consistently excellent service.
  • Under the hood is a collection of some of the most advanced software architecture strategies, and state of the art AWS services such as CloudFront, CloudHSM, CloudWatch, Glacier, Identity and Access Management, Kinesis, KMS, Import/Export, Redshift, RDS, DynamoDB, EC2 Autoscaling, Elastic Load Balancing, API Gateway, VPC, ElastiCache, EBS, and others.

Afero and AWS, the perfect solution for your secure IoT

Afero and AWS offer a next-generation IoT capability that secures your devices from sensor through cloud,  accelerates time to market, and reduces product returns. Used for consumer, commercial, and industrial devices,  customers have reported up to 3x faster development cycles, 99% fewer customer complaints, and 10x higher activation rates.

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