The New, Faster, More Secure Way to do IoT

Full circle asset-to-cloud, cloud-to-enterprise, and enterprise-to-fleet IoT platform that lets you
prototype in days, test in minutes, onboard in seconds, and see your devices respond in milliseconds.

Fastest time-to-market

Afero turns your “IoT non-experts” into “IoT experts” by removing the complexity.

Most secure and reliable

Afero enables security-at-birth and a trusted lifecycle for your connected product and its supply chain.

Lowest total cost

Afero gives you a tightly integrated enterprise IoT platform, combined with seamless interoperability.

Ultra-effective IoT

Secure from day one, the Afero Platform is an enterprise-level, edge-to-cloud foundation that allows you to rapidly prototype and monetize your intelligent IoT product. Whether you are building or connecting consumer devices or enterprise assets, you can focus on your core expertise.

You don’t need to hire experts in hardware, firmware, networking, mobile, cloud, and IoT. Just leverage the Afero Platform, which includes Afero edge, cloud, core/cross-platform services, and developer tools that allow you to build, provision, monitor, and manage your IoT deployment. With one-click onboarding, over-the-air (OTA) updates, and world-class security, you can be agile and innovative.

Ultra-secure by design

Best practices in security for devices, data, paths, clouds, supply chain.

Ultra-fast onboarding

Consumer-grade simplicity and reliability for point & click device addition in seconds.

Ultra-flexible interoperability

Enterprise-grade scalability, connectivity, roaming, data management, and integration.

Ultra-simple development

Drag & drop tools that make development for embedded devices, mobile phones, and cloud infrastructure a snap, and make it possible to develop once and re-use everywhere

Key capabilities

End-to-end security
  • Device-to-cloud security and key management
  • VPN for IoT, secure connections tunneled over any transport, TCP/IP not required
  • “eSIM” for IoT, provided with a Hardware Security Module (HSM) that protects your entire supply chain
  • Innovative IoT-specific security measures
One-click device onboarding
  • Every Afero enabled device comes with a QR code
  • QR codes can be extended to RFID or other identification mechanisms
  • Existing screens can be re-used to interact with devices
Secure device roaming with Afero Hubs
  • Afero Secure Hub Software can be embedded in edge devices
  • Afero strengthens Bluetooth® low energy security, eliminating pairing
  • All Afero enabled Bluetooth devices can roam between Afero Hubs, no setup required
  • Hub-device access policies are enforced in the Afero Cloud
Open connectivity
  • Secure link over any channel – even non-TCP/IP
  • Easily switch from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi to LoRa, etc. – no other changes needed
  • Multiple/alternate paths to your device
  • Seamless roaming functionality

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