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Afero Confirms its IoT Platform is Not Affected by Recently Discovered Bluetooth and DNS-Rebinding Vulnerabilities

July 25, 2018

Vulnerabilities, attacks, and breaches of connected devices highlight market need for secure IoT and validate the approach taken by the Afero next-generation IoT platform

Los Altos, California – Afero, the next-generation IoT platform company, confirmed that the recently discovered Bluetooth and DNS-Rebinding vulnerabilities do not affect IoT devices that are powered by the Afero Platform™. The vulnerabilities would allow a remote attacker to gain unauthenticated access to a device or manipulate the data traffic generated by the device.

Tracked as CVE-2018-5383, the vulnerability is related to both Bluetooth®and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) implementations, and reportedly affects firmware or operating system software drivers from vendors including Apple, Broadcom, Intel, Qualcomm, and possibly others.

Also in the news is a vulnerability that can be exploited to bypass a network’s cybersecurity firewall. This would allow an attacker to gain insecure access to a connected device.

The Afero IoT Platform™ represents the most secure IoT platform in the industry since it provides always-encrypted always-authenticated data paths, secure device and service identities backed by hardware roots of trust, secure supply chain, and implements the full scope of security best practices.

“Security in IoT is not just an issue for companies, but also for consumers,” said Joe Britt, CEO and co-founder of Afero. “Best practices in security must be designed in from the beginning, must go beyond securing data paths to include the entire supply chain, and must remain vigilant throughout the life of a connected device. That’s what the Afero Platform provides.”

In addition to being highly secure and simple for customers to use, Afero IoT connectivity has been proven to work beyond seven-plus-figure levels, allowing IoT innovators to prepare for the rapid growth the industry is known for.

Afero has built a strong set of partnerships across the IoT technology spectrum as it leads a new approach for end-to-end IoT with notable projects such as Kenmore and D-Link. Afero was named a 2016 Cool Vendor in the Internet of Things by Gartner, Inc.

About Afero

The Afero next-generation IoT platform accelerates time to market, provides hardened security from sensor to cloud and from factory to customers, simplifies onboarding to help maximize customer connections, and uses data ontology to streamline machine learning. The platform is supported by elastic, multi-cloud services that deliver reliability and responsiveness, and a new software engineering model that unifies embedded, mobile, and cloud development.

Afero has assembled world-class mobile, hardware, security, and cloud veterans from Google, Apple, Nest, Danger, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix. To learn more about Afero, please visit

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