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Afero No-Code Mobile IoT App Aims to Eradicate 1-Star Reviews

Sept. 12, 2018

The Afero Next-Generation IoT Platform now Offers Customers Custom-Branded Mobile Apps that Cut Costs, Accelerate Time to Market, and Deliver High Quality User Experience

LOS ALTOS, California Afero, the next-generation IoT platform company, today announced a no-code required, custom-branded mobile app for its IoT customers. In addition to easy-to-use tools to build their own app, device manufacturers can now customize and brand professionally-designed and implemented mobile apps from Afero. Apps are also simple to maintain with packages that update to the latest OS developments.

“Users judge your IoT device based on the mobile app, but it’s tough to get one that looks good and is easy to use.” said Joe Britt, Afero CEO. “The ability to customize a robust mobile app that already exists reduces costs and complexity and accelerates time to market but, critically, it provides a high-quality experience for users and protects the brand.”

One of the major roadblocks to mobile app creation is the cost of development and the challenge of enlisting the required specialists.

Available for Android and iOS, the no-code apps provide simplified customization options for company and device branding. The apps are fully supported by the Afero IoT Platform™ and include industry-leading capabilities such as hardware-backed security and easy onboarding.

Afero has built a strong set of partnerships across the IoT technology spectrum as it leads a new approach for fully integrated end-to-end IoT with notable projects such as Kenmore and D-Link. Afero was named a 2016 Cool Vendor in the Internet of Things by Gartner, Inc.

About Afero

The Afero next-generation IoT platform accelerates time to market, provides hardened security from sensor to cloud and from factory to customers, simplifies onboarding to help maximize customer connections, and uses data ontology to streamline machine learning. The Platform is supported by elastic, multi-cloud services that deliver reliability and responsiveness, and a new software engineering model that unifies embedded, mobile, and cloud development.

Afero has assembled a team of world-class mobile, hardware, security, and cloud veterans from Google, Apple, Nest, Danger, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix. To learn more about Afero, please visit

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