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IoT prototype to production
in months, not years.

Afero Profile Editor

Our simple and easy profile designer connects your Modulo development boards to the Afero Cloud and mobile app in minutes – without writing a line of code.

Afero Profile Editor Diagram
The Afero Profile Editor

  • Free download for both Windows Download for Windows and macOS Download for macOS
  • WYSIWYG / Drag & Drop application defines your prototype attributes
  • Design your own Control Sets
  • Can be used with standalone Modulo dev board or with external MCU
  • Arduino-ready with the Afero Plinto Shield
  • Create profile and publish over-the-air to multiple development boards with one click
  • Pushes profiles to Afero mobile app via Afero Cloud

Mobile App

Afero Mobile App
Prototype and Control Devices

Set up and manage your connected test devices remotely using our free mobile application. Designed for manufacturers, developers, and enthusiasts who wish to connect a wide range of products to the internet.

Mobile App Diagram

  • Free app download for both Android Download for Android and iOS Download for iOS
  • Create and deploy all your connected devices and control them from one interface
  • Takes only minutes to connect legacy or new devices to the secure Afero Cloud
  • Onboard rules engine to connect devices to other devices and sensors
  • Offline or cloud-dependent scheduling
  • Use with the Afero Profile Editor to modify and control your Modulo development board from anywhere in the world
  • Can connect prototypes via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth® low energy

Afero Developer Hub
ASR-1 Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

Now you can control your ASR-1 projects from anywhere in the world with our open source Afero Hub Software. ASR-1 control was previously limited to mobile phone range or a dedicated Afero Secure Hub. Developers asked for more flexibility and now anyone can build and manage their Bluetooth ASR-1 devices using our roll-your-own-hub software.

Read details here

Hub Diagram

  • Create and run a dedicated Afero Hub
  • Leverage the flexibility, low cost, and power of the Raspberry Pi ecosystem to connect to the secure Afero Cloud
  • Seamless roaming ability between multiple Afero Hubs
  • Supports contact communication between ASR-1 edge devices and your mobile phone