Secure IoT has never been easier

No matter where you are in your IoT journey, Afero can help accelerate your rollout.

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Get smart about building smart products!


Easy path to a prototype that can scale.

Go big

Production and rollout with industry leading attach rates.

Go beyond

Real-time data and new business opportunities.


Listen to the podcast

Field Check: IoT Success Factors in Real-World Projects” podcast explores the success factors directly affecting IoT projects.

Check out the reading list

Sample what’s out there and become more familiar with IoT issues in the “IoT Reading List” blog.

Speak to an expert

Feel free to consult an IoT expert from Afero at any time in your IoT journey. We’d love to share what we’ve learned and get your perspective.


Get a development board

Available for purchase from Afero partners, the Afero Modulo‑1 (BLE) and Modulo‑2 (Wi-Fi/BLE + connector board) accelerate the prototype and development phases of any IoT project.

Get the developer tool

The Afero Profile Editor is a free developer tool available on Windows  or macOS . The tool makes it easy to define your device and the data it will be sending out.

Get the mobile app

The Afero mobile app lets you control and communicate with your Afero equipped device. Download it from your phone’s app store: Apple or Android .

Visit the Developer Portal

The Afero Developer Portal is a free resource for accessing documentation, asking questions, and staying informed of the latest technical milestones.

Go big

Follow best practices

Experience our unique engagement model as we work with you to turn your prototype into a scalable business, armed with the experience and expertise that come from hands-on work on hundreds of projects.

Get on the same page

The Afero Platform accelerates the process of aligning your business objectives with your engineering and financial requirements. We will take you through our check-list and navigate common obstacles.

Build the team

IoT demands a large team with diverse skills. The Afero Platform, data model, and toolset combine to do the heavy lifting, letting you to focus on your core competency: defining your product.

Go beyond

Think “data”

Data is the new oil and your smart connected devices are a fountain of value for you and your customers. It’s time to evaluate new business opportunities.


From digital twins to artificial intelligence, your Afero powered IoT is already geared up to deliver meaningful data for new products and services.

Manage change

Creating new lines of business requires start-up entrepreneurship and large-company scalability. Afero and its world-class partners make your success their business.

Afero selected as a “Cool Vendor in the Internet of Things”

Read how Afero innovations in the IoT market were recognized by an industry-leading analyst.