It’s easy to build and manage with Afero – bring secure, easy-to-use, connected devices to market.

dynamic hub


hub technology

  • Our technology allows Afero powered edge devices to seamlessly roam between hubs.
  • Connect-on-demand architecture means a single hub can support 30+ edge devices.
  • Our hub software runs on mobile devices, Raspberry Pi, or on dedicated hub hardware.


easy and secure


  • One-step setup with QR scanning associates and secures your devices to accounts.
  • Works with both BTLE and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Elliptic curve cryptography and end-to-end encryption ensure data is always secure.
  • Easy for end-users to set up, manage devices, and share with others – from one mobile app.

global scale

global scale


  • Six globally-distributed data centers.
  • Ensures low latency and resiliency of your data.
  • Because it’s your data, you can always access it.


cloud and legacy


  • RESTful APIs, secured by industry-standard OAuth 2.0, enable integration with other clouds or legacy products.
  • Permission management/admin controls for businesses/access control (e.g., parental control).

device management

remote device


  • Remotely maintain and support connected devices using built-in secure dashboard views and/or APIs.
  • Check the status, usage, and reliability of your products.
  • Push over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades in minutes.