When IoT Meets Banking, “things” can accept payment directly from people (P2T) or pay each other (T2T)
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Listen to Joe Britt, Afero co-founder and CEO, in conversation with Stacey-on-IoT podcast
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Complete and unified dev for IoT: Afero Profile Editor, Mobile SDK, Web SDK, Linux SDK, REST API, Mobile App, and now: BLE-to-Internet connectivity
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Afero provides what you need to connect any Thing to the Internet.

Devise a plan for success and use a secure and fast platform to realize business outcomes.
Afero offers proven products and services every step of the way.

Business Case

IoT Strategy Services

IoT Strategy
Build Plan

IoT Platform

Afero Secure IoT Platform


Business Outcome

Ongoing Operations

Assisted Management
Fleet Reporting
OTA Management

Don’t Build Your Own

The open IoT platform does the work

From voice control to advanced tools and analytics, there are a lot of IoT offerings out there. But you still have to do a lot to make it all happen. Afero has encapsulated that work into a turnkey platform.

The Afero IoT Platform™ accelerates time to market, eases ongoing operations, and simplifies how your business apps interact with and control far-edge and near-edge devices. With Afero, connected things can participate in business processes securely, easily, and at scale.

Get to market fast with a solution that your board loves to brag about, your team loves to build, and your customers love to use.

This is the way to do IoT!

Connect Any Device Securely, Economically, at Scale

Drilling for Data

“Data is the new oil” and the big opportunity is in extracting information from all devices, including the many small “micro-clients”. That’s the domain of low-cost, low-power, screen-less, keyboard-less embedded systems that may or may not have a continuous connection to the internet.

Finding a secure, simple, and economical way to connect these devices is a great technical challenge that the patented Afero technology solves like no other. Doing so with an attractive business model makes it practical for you to reach entirely new sources of data.

Get Ready for the Data Economy

The Digital Supply Chain Is Coming

The future is a blend of physical and digital, atoms, and bits.

Digital supply chains will become more common, cooperating with physical supply chains. Defining the chains and matching them is what an IoT platform must do.

With Afero, you can build a seamless and flexible system that handles the full picture: from assets to cloud, from cloud to enterprise, and from enterprise back to the fleet. With all activity available to your business apps using a simple API and structured data.

Data Is a Responsibility and an Opportunity

The New World of Data

The future is not all about data but it is driven by data. The physical world will be more intelligent and optimal the more sources of data you can include and the more relevant data you can access.

If “data is the new oil”, data “spills” can be disastrous. Maintaining security and data privacy are critical. Afero has built a way to extract data from new classes of devices. Its secure foundation enables it to protect the data and harness its value responsibly and ethically.

With Afero, the Answer Is Yes


Can the user’s phone make fast and reliable contact with the device that is controlling the delivery of service?

Network Resiliency

Can a device dynamically change between available channels (Wi-Fi, BLE, LTE) as needed?

Speed, Latency

Can the service be delivered immediately after confirmation?


Can the system scale to meet demand without loss of quality?


Can the service use any cloud depending on the device, geography, new capabilities, or new requirements?


Is the system reliable and with predictable service levels to ensure customer satisfaction?


Are we gathering enough usable information to analyze and control the process?


Is the whole process secure? Immune to fleet-scale attacks?

Why Afero

It just works!

With the fifth largest IoT patent portfolio in the world, Afero delivers a unique solution that eliminates complexity instead of masking it.

The Afero IoT Platform is a foundation that serves your business. It is designed to not only get your devices connected now, but to enable new business models and opportunities in the future.

It’s fast, secure, easy-to-use, scalable, and beautiful!

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