secure, seamless connectivity

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device management, RESTful API, push notifications
mobile app
iOS and Android apps, app SDKs
developer tools
device creation & management, OTA/ firmware management
using best practices of systems design
radio module
hardware security module, low power usage

making development easy
Get the Afero Mobile App
Download or update the free Afero app from the App Store or Google Play. With the Afero mobile app you can control and manage your Afero enabled devices on your smartphone.
Order Modulo Dev Board
Make sure you’ve ordered a Modulo development board.
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Modulo Development Board
Launch Afero Mobile App
Follow the prompts to sign up for your Afero developer account and link your Modulo board to your new account.
Mobile App
Get the Afero Profile Editor
Download the free Afero Profile Editor application for Windows and macOS, then begin setting up your device and connections between the Afero Cloud, a smart device, and the Afero mobile app.
Afero Profile Editor