Secure Smart Homes


Instead of selling an extra standalone hub, an OEM can use the Afero Platform and the edge node everyone already has -- their smartphone. Air conditioners, water heaters, air purifiers, ventilation systems, air deodorizers, and more can be fitted with Bluetooth® low energy technology (BLE) or Wi‑Fi/BLE combo radio modules from Afero.

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Secure Healthcare

Medical devices

Patient data can be automatically entered into patient systems, saving hours of manual work and reducing human error. Vital statistics can be monitored at more frequent intervals without requiring nurses' time, thus increasing efficiency at the medical facility. Clinical equipment such as blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, and ECG machines can have the Afero radio module built into them. A dedicated Wi-Fi/cellular Afero Smart Hub (or a smartphone) can receive data from the edge devices and transmit the data to the cloud.

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Secure Restaurants & Hospitality

Food Service

Well-placed sensors at critical points in beer serving equipment can measure parameters such as temperature, liquid flow, tap wear & tear, effectiveness of cleaning routines, and more. This data can be integrated into inventory systems, equipment servicing routines, and even digitized menus, all for the purpose of harnessing the information to reduce operational costs, improve product management, and even create a more loyal customer base.

Secure Energy


Afero helps enhance energy. How? By creating secure and intelligent devices that optimize and allocate in real-time out in the field. By securing the grid, Afero provides Energy companies with new ways to leverage energy distribution and to create innovative business opportunities.

Secure Insurance


When sensors detect dangers or abnormal activity, they notify all the stakeholders: homeowner, facility occupant, insurance company, landlord, and/or property managers. Sensor data, including notifications and alerts, can be easily integrated with back-end systems, such as claims processing, to improve decision making.

The data collected can enable, for example, predictive analytics, which can then be performed as a mashup with weather forecasts to drive appropriate preventative measures.

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